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About Swift Creek Soaps

Hi, I'm Rachel and I love to make soap!

I have always been a pretty "crafty" person and made a new year's resolution to learn something new.  Cold process soap making seemed interesting and challenging enough to try, and by the second or third batch, I was totally hooked and have not stopped since!  

Swift Creek Soaps came about because I realized that every "moisturizing" body wash, soap, cleanser, etc. on the market that I have tried (and I've tried a LOT of them), could not stand up to the truly moisturized and nourished feeling my skin has after using one of my own handmade soaps. I just knew that I had something to offer.

I love handmade, I love good quality, and I love products that use minimal to no unnecessary chemicals.  We have enough toxic junk in all of the other products we use - does it really need to be in our soap, too?  

I'm so glad you found my website!  If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me.  I'm always happy to chat!